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I Am Getting Ready for the Season

I am going to try to get a scholarship obviously, because that would beat the devil out of paying for it and in theory would make my life a lot easier. Of course it is not a simple thing and the first thing is that I need to get a lot better. I can not afford a personal trainer in Denver it turns out, although I looked at this to see if it would be an investment that would make a lot of sense to me. If you could do it cheaply enough and it got you to where you need to be, then it would make all sorts of sense. Instead I have been training all summer on my own. It seems obvious that the best position for me is probably as a tight end. I am a good blocker, but not big enough for the line. Of course that is where you end up getting a bunch of blows to the head, which I would not choose to exchange for an education. Then I am pretty fast, but not fast enough to play on the edges.

I did a little bit of everything over the past couple of years. I was a running back on passing plays, because I was good at stopping blitzers mostly and I could catch the ball as a bail out option. Then I would play safety and linebacker, mostly because the regular guys were tired or hurt. It was not something that I was really awesome at, but I was good at playing the tight end and I have been studying how to get better at it. That is a balancing act. You need to be big enough, but not at the expense of running speed and the quickness when you are making cuts.