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Six Pack Starts In Kitchen

First I will start with the thought process that went into this decision. You were_ (watching t.v., playing a video game, reading, you fill in the blank) and you felt a little pain in your stomach and thought to yourself I am hungry. This is the first thing we will examine. Were you really hungry or did you simply think you were by associating the rumbling stomach pain with a way your body lets you know it is time to eat? This alone can cause many of us to eat simply for the sake of eating. The trick I use to see if I am really hungry is to ask myself am I hungry enough to eat broccoli? (This can be replaced with any foods you may not be exactly fond of.) Be honest with yourself and if the answer is no you are probably thinking yourself hungry instead of really being hungry. Moving on to the next action, you leave your room and head towards the kitchen. Once in the kitchen you begin to look for something to eat. During your search you may ignore the healthier choices for something that you think will satisfy you. If you say that you want to be in better shape make sure that your decisions are in line with that vision or you will only end up further and further from your goal. Taking a look at the food stats for the sandwich without even identifying what kind of sandwich it is, I can safely guess that it would be processed or at the very least the meat on the sandwich would be processed. For those trying to lose weight, processed foods are big bumps in the road. I would suggest cutting processed foods from your diet out right if it is realistically possible for you. If you cannot cut all processed foods I would suggest slowly replacing some of your favorite processed meals or snacks with healthier alternatives. I say slowly so not to force yourself into a new lifestyle you may not be able to maintain. Processed foods are known to cause inflammation when consumed in large amounts which hurts most efforts to lose weight. The stats of the sandwich consumed would pale in comparison to a veggie/fruit smoothie for a mid day snack. I will not go too deep into benefits of certain foods in this article but it is important to start becoming aware of what you are eating and how it is helping you achieve your goal or stopping you from reaching it.

Eating dense foods like fruits, veggies, fish, nuts and legumes will help you lose more weight and feel better. Foods such as these are packed with nutritional value that your body can and will utilize. The reason I said crunches will not solve all your problems is because if you are destroying all of your gains in the gym by your poor diet in the kitchen you are at best fighting an uphill battle in which YOU are making the trip steeper and steeper only to fall down when the hill looks to steep to climb. Going through my journey I learned I was building core muscles underneath the belly fat. Unless your goal is to become a sumo wrestler I will assume you want to be proud to show off your body and let you know that hitting the gym hard but having poor discipline in the kitchen will lead to you following in my footsteps. Diet and excise are like two sides of one coin. I will admit with a proper diet you may be able to skip out on some excises but your body needs movement. It is healthy for you to get some excise in whatever fashion you can.

A few more tips to help you craft those abs is focusing on more lean proteins like chicken, fish, nuts, soy foods, eggs and dairy just to list a few. This will help to build more muscle. This is a good idea for women as well since the more muscle you have the more energy you will need to maintain it and the muscle will take from your fat reserves for energy which will help you tone your body faster.