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Stomach Exercises

Regular Stomach Crunches

This is an exercise that many people frowned upon because it’s receiving a bad rap from manufacturing companies of various other products for losing belly fat; however, stomach crunches are very effective if done properly. To begin with, you should lie flat on your back on the floor with your legs positioned in a 90° angle. Then cuff your hands behind your head (some people prefer placing them over their ears or crossing them over their chest) and raise your shoulders from the floor with the intent of touching your knees with your chest.

This exercise is designed to target your upper abs; however, with your hands cuffed behind your head; instead of trying to touch your knees with your chest, try touching your left knee with your right elbow and your right knee with your left elbow. This way the oblique and “love handles” are targeted.

Reverse Stomach Crunches

Another exercise designed for removing belly fat fast and effectively is reverse stomach crunches. The dreaded lower abs is the central focus for performing this exercise. Begin by placing your back flat on the floor with your knees at a 90° angle and your hands cuffed behind your head. Now elevate your feet approximately six inches from the floor and bring your chest to your knees. The important thing it to perform stomach exercises such as regular or reverse stomach crunches correctly.

The Ab Circle Pro

And finally, if you’re looking to perform stomach exercises that will deliver the best results then investing $14.95 for the Ab Circle Pro would be your best option, especially if you want to remove belly fat fast and effectively. If you’re not into crunches, sit-ups and curl-ups then this is the best thing on the market for people who have been searching for idea way of losing weight in the midsection.