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Stress Can Have a Negative Impact on Your Health

Everyone deals with some level of stress from time to time but sometimes, it can be difficult for a person to cope, especially when the stress becomes overwhelming. Lahey Hospital & Medical Center wants their patients to be aware of the negative effects stress can have on their body.

Stress Prevents the Body From Working Correctly

Unfortunately, stress could be affecting a person’s body without them being aware. It is imperative for individuals to understand that stress is a serious issue to deal with because it can lead to damage in the body. In some cases, constant stress can lead to death.

Being able to recognize the signs stress is affecting the body is vital for helping individuals to know when they need to work to de-stress. Stress can affect every area of the body in the following ways:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle tension and pain
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in appetite
  • Sleep issues
  • Changes in sex drive
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed

Stress Management Is Vital For Good Health

Learning to manage stress is not always easy. While stress cannot be completely eliminated, it can be properly managed with the following:

  • Physical exercise
  • Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing
  • Family and friends
  • Hobbies and fun activities

It is imperative a person uses active means of coping with stress because these are more effective. While inactive activities, such as surfing the computer or watching television may bring temporary relief, these will typically lead to further stress in the long run.

When Should Individuals Seek Help?

Those who are experiencing high levels of stress that is bringing on adverse health reactions should consider seeking professional help. It is especially important a person seeks medical treatment if their stress is leading to chest pain.

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center offers Stress Management Training courses to help their patients better manage the stress in their lives so it does not negatively affect their health. With these classes, you can learn to better cope with the stress in your life so you can overcome it.

For more information, check out the website to learn more. If you would like to register for this training, call 781.744.WELL.